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7 Chakra Adjustable Bracelet with Tassel (6 mm Round Gemstones)

7 Chakra Adjustable Bracelet with Tassel (6 mm Round Gemstones)

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This bracelet can be used to assist in achieving balance of the chakras. It is made with stone beads that match the 7 major chakras:

  1. CROWN - Violet, crown of the head, pituitary gland is our connection with universal energies.
  2. THIRD EYE - Indigo, middle of forehead, pineal glands represents forgiveness & compassion.
  3. THROAT - Blue, throat, thyroid gland is our physical & spiritual communication.
  4. HEART - Green, heart, thymus gland is for love and sense of responsibility.
  5. SOLAR PLEXUS - Yellow, solar plexus, adrenal gland represents power and ego.
  6. SACRAL - Orange, lower abdomen, pancreas gland is associated with emotion and sexuality.
  7. ROOT - Red, base of the spine, gonads glands represents grounding and survival.

This listing is for one (1) bracelet that will be selected at random. This bracelet is made of natural stones and thus the bracelet you receive may vary in size, shape, color, and other characteristics. Please look through all photos to see possible variations.

Directions for Use

Every crystal has its own associated properties and uses. You may use your stone for healing or simply for decoration. I have provided a simple description of the stones associated properties but please do your own research to fully understand how to use and care for your stone.


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